a woman in a floral dress holding a ¡VIVA! Scarf by Shop Marian.
a girl holding up a colorful ¡VIVA! Scarf with a horse on it from Shop Marian.
a woman wearing a ¡VIVA! Scarf and Shop Marian mexican hat.
A woman is tying a ¡VIVA! Scarf around her neck from Shop Marian.
a woman wearing a ¡VIVA! Scarf by Shop Marian standing next to a horse.
a woman in a floral dress standing next to a horse wearing the ¡VIVA! Scarf by Shop Marian.
a woman in a Shop Marian mexican dress riding a horse wearing the ¡VIVA! Scarf.
a woman wearing a Shop Marian ¡VIVA! Scarf sits on a horse.
a woman wearing a Shop Marian ¡VIVA! Scarf and a sombrero.
a woman wearing a ¡VIVA! Scarf and hat from Shop Marian.
A woman in a dress with a Shop Marian ¡VIVA! Scarf.
A woman wearing a ¡VIVA! scarf by Shop Marian and earrings next to a horse.

¡VIVA! Scarf

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Escaramuza – the all female sport within charrería – Mexican rodeo. An ensemble of eight women riding side saddle performing 12 complex choreographed maneuvers in perfect synchronicity, speed and precision. Teams perform within the arena or lienzo (“canvas” in english) wearing hand sewn Adelita dresses (“Adelitas” were female soldiers in the Mexican Revolution). Teams practice two to three days a week for three or more hours… that’s after a long, hard work day! The competition is fierce. The teams are prepared. The horses are smart. It’s history and heritage. Discipline. Passion. Will. Celebration. Family. Time. Strength. Grace. Commitment to each other, horse and self. Sounds a lot like life, don’t it? I hope we can all take una página del libro de las escaramuzas (a page from their book) and live. I mean… really live. ¡VIVA!

Soft. Comfortable. Breathable. Thoughtfully designed, printed and manufactured right here in the USA. Designed to be as versatile as you are. Tie it any which way. Pair it with jeans and a tee or a dress and boots. Throw it on for an extra boost of sass and class. 

Measurements: 23″ x 23″

Designed, printed and manufactured in the USA

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Machine washable